Explicit Content in School
An innocent teacher is exonerated

We were retained to investigate accusations that a special education teacher had been browsing the internet for adult content, including suspected child pornography. The school’s web traffic monitoring software had flagged a site the teacher had visited. Given the severity of the accusations, the school executives wanted to verify with certainty that the allegations were accurate.

From the Attorney: “I wanted you to know how much the [client] and I appreciated the work done by you and your team to resolve the mystery involving [the teacher]’s computer. The fact that you didn’t simply accept the easy explanation — that he must have searched for pornography and hid it so well that you couldn’t find it — and doggedly pursued the truth, avoided what might have been a serious miscarriage of justice that could have resulted in [the teacher] losing his job, his reputation and maybe his freedom. You should also know that being under this cloud of suspicion has overwhelmed [the teacher] and, while he will take some time to recover, he is extremely relieved to have been exonerated. And the professionalism and expertise of you and your co-workers relieved [client] of the horrible burden of mistakenly taking action against an innocent man.”

Client: School District